Hard To Find Boxing Training Guidance

Whether or not you love the sport of boxing, you can’t deny a few things:

  • the training is arduous
  • the risk of injury is high
  • the athletes must have an immense pain tolerance to compete
  • it is a different style of training rather than traditional weight training, cardio and some stretching often found in most gyms
  • there is a “science” to the sport
  • one must control his/her emotions and adrenaline in order to succeed in the sport

Many people have taken to boxing as a means to get in shape quickly, and it does that.  Also, the “upper body” cardio is much different than found in most gyms around the country because of the emphasis on lower-body cardio and lots of “core training”… typically neglecting the upper body and upper extremities.

George runs one of the Dallas boxing gyms serving the entire DFW area, and he comes from a long boxing background out of Eastern Europe.  Of interest, he has a set of books he showed me from the old Soviet days on the art of boxing.  His belief is that the U.S. doesn’t have a systematic way of training boxers as rigid and systematic as Russia and Eastern Europe have; and that is why U.S. boxers have to rely on significantly more natural talent than their same-weight counterparts to be able to win fights.

Another philosophical difference he said is that the Eastern European, Russian and Asian influence is designed to win even if winning ugly.  The U.S. is motivated by showmanship, charisma, talking ability and the ability to sell pay-per-view purchases in order to have the promoters and sponsors get a good ROI.  Here are some of the videos of his training sessions and his fighters:

Dealing With International Short Term Trading Firms

Owning a stock trading software platform for Chinese traders, dealing in US equities, is just not an easy task.  There are a couple of factors which come into play.  If you’re running this operation you should have all create things like market data feeds which have the rights to get distributed internationally, very fast data lines and servers in reputable data centers, and all of your order execution servers build so that their orders register as valid trades to the stock exchange.

For the actual traders themselves, you’ll have to have your trading software accommodated wherever possible into the various languages.  Since there exists more than one sort of Chinese language, you would need to have a front end platform in the primary language that you have lots of traders.  You would not need to locate data that may be translated into Chinese and also possible, minus the numerical data along with the market symbols.

Regarding trading, you would not need to possess the software be able to possess the ability to make sure that the numbers result in currency exchanges.  Even if this is to become handled about the back end using preferred broker, they still will want to know that current intra-day exposure contrary to the current exchange rate.  This is not necessarily easy to program, so locating a reputable software which can this may be challenging.

Finally, you will need the ability to narrow any stocks not permitted by the country.  China may have regulations about which symbols may be traded by their residents, as well as the same may apply to countries.  By having brokerage firm management software which manages the symbols which can be (or aren’t) allowed to be traded by the certain trading firm or trading account then you can definitely confirm that you have the compliance issues under control.

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