How To Leverage Rankings Even If You Are Not In The Main Geographic Area

If you are aware of a page ranking on the first page of search results which somehow permits a link to your desired website home page, inner website page, social media property, YouTube video, or other web property(ies) – even if you have to buy access – then there are some reasons to consider that option.  This is true even if that page doesn’t normally serve the geographic area you serve.

Here are a couple of reasons why you may wish to consider that option:

  • Relevance.  Even if you are a business only serving a local region hundreds of miles away, getting your link(s) on a first-page ranking for a keyword phrase directly related to your industry/niche.  Assuming that your on-page optimization on your website, social property, video or other web property is sound then a relevant link based on the niche/industry (rather than geographic relevance) still can be beneficial to help your search engine rankings.   For example, if a legal article website serving the West Coast, and the page which is ranking permits you to add a link on that SPECIFIC page, then you may consider getting your link on that page even if you only serve clients in a small state in New England.  The “niche relevance” always is helpful, so long as the link to your website makes sense from a contextual manner.  There are many ways to do this, so make sure that your link somehow benefits the end user in at least some minimum manner.
  • Authority.  Same as above.  If the specific page on which you can get your link placed has some degree of good “authority” (Moz Page Authority, Majestic Trust Flow, etc. for the SPECIFIC page/URL), then you will want to have some of that URL’s authority passing onto your desired web page.
  • Trust.  By building trust, you also can begin to have a “rising tide lifts all boats” approach to your website, social property, video or other web property.  There is so much which can happen that benefits you once your website is deemed to be “trustworthy”.  Relevant, authoritative content – combined with intelligent linking, pacing, and non-spammy activity, can benefit you for a long time.


Using an example, there is a professional independent minor league baseball entity which has 10 current teams (as of 2016) and several other teams which either folded or might play in 2017.  Each has a local business directory on its respective website; and the team website is generating several first page rankings for phrases like “business category TOWN”.

Of course, if you or a client can serve that geographic area then consider getting links on the appropriate pages.  However, if you or your client is in that industry (but can’t serve the geographic area) then links on those pages still can help your search engine marketing efforts.

Here are two pages which list all of their respective business directories, currently serving the Southwestern USA:


Again, this is just an example; but it shows you how websites with “authority” – ultimately – can benefit you even if you are not in the specific geographic region.